Where did you go, Mr. DJ? Or did they take you off the air?

12 Aug

Greasy Kid Stuff has moved! There is a new listener sponsored, freeform station on the dial, XRAY.FM, and they asked us to join them. Since we hail from fabulous, freeform WFMU, and since we’ve always felt a little odd on a commercial station, we were excited for the opportunity.

We appreciate so much that Mark Hamilton or 94.7 gave us an amazing chance to bring our crazy greasy thang to Portland listeners. We’re not moving because of money, or ads, or value. We’ve never been paid for our show, and 94.7 never tried to monetize Greasy Kid Stuff, though Mark personally tried to find us a sponsor. When we say he has been supportive, we really mean it.

The new station, XRAY.FM, is currently low power, but will boost to two stations covering the whole Portland metro area. AND for those of you listening internetically, it streams live, AND it archives, so each show will be available for two weeks to listen any time! We will start broadcasting Saturday, August 16 at 9 am. We will also have 15 extra minutes!!!

We didn’t want to put too much info out there too soon, out of respect for 94/7, but we are happy to spread the word now. If you hear that anyone misses us, let ’em know where we are!

Thanks for listening, and Grease on Earth!

Kitten headphones


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