Déjà boo! (10.06.13 playlist)

6 Oct

Los Straitjackets : Que Monstruos Son
June y los Sobrenaturales: Hombre Lobo
Tomorrow : My White Bicycle
Frenetic Sound : My Friends
Pointed Man Band : Swordfish Tango Movement II
3 Leg Torso : Driving Along With My Cow in My Volga
They Might Be Giants : Why Does the Sun Shine?
Kay Lande & Wade Denning : Halloween
They Might Be Giants : Greasy Kid Stuff
T. Lance & the Coctails : Aba-Daba-Do-Dance
The Ramones : Do You Remember Rock ‘n’ Roll Radio?
The Powerpuff Girls : Love Makes the World Go Round
The Barcelona Pavilion : Tidy Up Tidy Up
Squirmin’ Hermans with Jack : Stop Throwin’ Away My Stuff
They Might Be Giants : Infinity
Bad Spellers : Rocket Ship
Caspar Babypants : H&B (&G)
Fly Ashtray : Clumps Takes a Ride


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