We’ve Come Out to Play (06.23.13 playlist)

23 Jun

The Dandy Lions : Greasy Kid Stuff
Upsidedown Cat :  Vacation Time
Vinnie & the Stardusters : Bake My Pie
Harry & the Potters :  We Save Ron’s Life, Part 8
Key Wilde & Mr Clarke : Take Ten
Sergio Betancourt : Little Dinosaur
Elizabeth Mitchell: What Goes On
Eban Schletter : The Hop-Hop-Hoppity Song/Dr. Inferno Jr.
They Might Be Giants : Greasy Kid Stuff
Parry Gripp : Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom
Jonathan Richman : I Have Come Out to Play
Kimya Dawson : Happy Home (Keep on Writing)
The Zambonis : Now’s My Time to Shine
Key Wilde & Mr Clarke :  Trondaxx Berserker
James Kochalka Superstar : Monkey vs. Robot
Marsha Gee : Peanut Duck


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