Hulk smash puny guitar (09.30.12 playlist)

30 Sep

The Dandy Lions : Greasy Kid Stuff
Upsidedown Cat : Soon Fall Will Be Here
Stephen Cohen : Here Comes the Band
Renee & Jeremy : Yellow
Fleabite : Meep
Jeffrey Lewis : Octopus’s Garden
Brian Scary & the Shredding Tears : The Garden Eleanor
The Tammys : Egyptian Shumba
Henry Mancini : Baby Elephant Walk
They Might Be Giants : Greasy Kid Stuff
Ozomatli : Skateboard
Captain FA : Hot Diggety Dog
Candy Band : Godzilla/Iron Man
The Traits : Nobody Loves the Hulk
June y los Sobranaturales : Machina Infernal
The Squirmin’ Hermans (featuring Jack) : Stop Throwing Away My Stuff
The Mr. T Experience : Unpack Your Adjectives
Essra Mohawk : Sufferin’ Till Suffrage


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