Freeze! (07.30.11 playlist)

30 Jul

The Dandy Lions : Greasy Kid Stuff
Twink : Softee
Jonathan Richman : Ice Cream Man
The Jolenes : Ice Cream
Candy Band : Ice Cream
“Weird Al” Yankovic : I Love Rocky Road
Twink : (We All Scream For) Ice Cream
The Trouble Dolls : Ice Cream Cow
The Banana Splits : Doin’ the Banana Split
They Might Be Giants : Greasy Kid Stuff
Twink : Ice Cream Headache
The Thunderlords : Ice Cream Headache
Shonen Knife : Ice Cream City
The Stool Pigeons : Popsicles Icicles
Don Covay : Ice Cream Man
Slim Gaillard : Tutti Frutti
The McGuire Sisters : Banana Splits
Duplex : Orange Popsicle
Rutherford B. Hayes Is Dead : Ode to Otter Pops
Parry Gripp : Fudgie the Whale


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