Sun Will Follow (04.09.11 playlist)

9 Apr

The Dandy Lions : Greasy Kid Stuff
Upsidedown Cat : Library Books
Shonen Knife : Insect Collector
The Pop Ups : Outside Inside
The Smothers Brothers : Chocolate
Exene Cervenka : Coyote on the Town
Joan Jett & the Blackhearts : Everyday People
Channels with Damon Locks : Always Check for Holes
They Might Be Giants : Greasy Kid Stuff
Captain Bogg & Salty : Bunnyjacks
Captain Bogg & Salty : Treading the Seas for Pirate Gold
Captain Bogg & Salty : Part of Your World
Don Knotts : I Wish I Were a Fish
The Beatles : Octopus’ Garden
Franco Godi : Fish Song
Pianosaurus : Sun Will Follow
Belle & Sebastian : The Monkeys Are Breaking out the Zoo
Molly Bang : Reggie Won’t Eat His Veggies



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